Solispum (Download)


Solipsum follows the adventures of Charlie, young photo assistant who works for one of the top photographers in the world. She gets the assignment of a lifetime and soon finds herself working on a print campaign that takes over all the print-based advertising in thirty cities around the world. The campaign begins to succeed beyond everyone’s wildest expectations and it becomes the most fantastic experience of Charlie’s young life, even was she finds herself falling in love with the photographer who hired her, and the stunning female supermodel at the campaign’s heart. Then people begin to die and Charlie discovers the whole thing is secretly orchestrated by the campaign’s male supermodel, Solipsum, who is really a demon from Hell. Welcome to the world of Solipsum, a world much like our own, with some subtle but startling differences. A world of stunning models and shark-like super agents, big-money fashion advertising and cutting-edge photography, where beauty and power meet martial arts and the supernatural. It is a place where love can blossom in the most unexpected places and a picture can spring to life-literally. Solipsum is a story as current as life in the 21st Century, yet with elements of futurism, satire and the supernatural that elevate it far above the norm. It is both a love story and an extraordinary adventure story, as sensual as it is thought-provoking. It will appeal to fans of Johnathon Carroll, Stephen King, Sarah Waters and anyone who ever picked up a fashion magazine.


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